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Hi everyone! I'm yuryutyty, i'm 19 and i love vore!. I've created this site to popularize goldfish swallowing. Here i will comment newest goldfish swallowing videos from youtube! If you have some ideas, talk to me on yahoo messenger (nickname: yuryutyty), on youtube (nickname: vorecollection), or on coiledfist!

February 11
So hot!

Return of the site ! :)
Sorry ! I've forgot my password and i couldn't develope my site.
I have some news ideas! I would like to invite some goldfish swallowers here, everyone would have his own profile with his goldfish swallowing vids, and everyone could choose the best video of the month ;)!
And know, i would like to show you the best goldfish swallowing vids of the last days:) :

Greetings :)!
Hot vid!
Such a hot vid!
Choose The Video Of The Week!
I've added third goldfish swallower from youtube :)! His nickname is CJS272.
I hope that we will see his goldfish swallowing soon :D!
New videos ( 05.07 - 11.07.2010 )

Goldfish swallowing ( 28.06 - 04.07.2010)


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Yeah! But i don't want anymore

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30/03/2011 00:47
All the videos on this site show dudes swallowing the fish. Can we have some videos of girls swallowing?

27/03/2011 22:12
Who has swallowed a live betta fish? :-)

19/03/2011 18:40
yuryutyty, have you ever swallowed a goldfish?

05/02/2011 01:28
smiley I will make more updates! But i need more viewers smiley!

03/02/2011 01:53
Yay for the new updates!!! smiley

05/11/2010 15:03
team1223, after swallowing goldfish whole a number of time, the whole fish is digested. Bones and all.

06/10/2010 10:24
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11/07/2010 03:35
I think that acid takes care of it all smiley! Whole goldfish is digested. Maybe would you like to try? xp greetings smiley

11/07/2010 03:25
Cool, this is sure to take off. On a serious note however, my question is however, how do the bones feel on the way out? Does the acid take care of it all?

10/07/2010 22:00
Every week in here i will add many goldfish swallowing videos and i'll make a poll "Swallow of the week" smiley! If you ever swallowed a goldfish, send your video in here ! smiley Greetings smiley!

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